Beware! Heat & Humidity Can Harm Your Pets

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It is true that heat & humidity can lead to a number of health issues for your pets. It can cause a number of problems, especially for dogs. Although you may have heard this before, it is worth repeating anyway. Heat is one thing, but when you add humidity to this, there is another layer of problems which can happen. It is common sense, when you are feeling the heat, so is your pet! This will go a long way.

heat and humidity can harm your pets

How does Heat and Humidity affect Pets?

Humidity is the Worst Thing

Humidity is the worst thing when it comes along with heat. Humidity along with heat destabilizes so that you cannot control temps very well. Dogs are empowered to control their temps by using their tongue & by panting. However, this means that moisture must evaporate & in case it doesn’t, there is no cooling. Warm temperatures & humidity are the toughest times for dogs. It is especially difficult for certain types of dogs with smooshed-in faces like bull dogs or pugs since their noses cannot move the air well.

Other Heat Related Issues for Pets

There is plenty of other, heat & humidity related health issues for your pets. While allergies can happen all year round, skin issues are also rampant. Dermatophytes & ringworm are known to attack warm & moist skin, and more so injured skin. Fungal infection like blastomycosis is not common but it can happen & is fatal. Canines get this by breathing in spores. Blastomycosis is typically found in areas where there is a water source like a pond or river. Dogs which live within a quarter of a mile to a water source are prone to this infection. Nevertheless, this is a rare kind of disease.  

Fleas & Ticks in This Time of the Year

Fleas & ticks is another big issue. They peak in September & October & so we are yet to see the worst of it. Although ticks are most abundant in spring, they still continue through the warm summer months & the rains and are still a cause for concern.

Heat & Humidity

Heat & humidity is a kind of weather when combined together is worse for dogs especially. It would be appropriate that outside dogs during this time should be brought inside. Just in case this is not possible, make it a point to ensure that they have plenty of fresh water & lots of shade. Remember, we all like to be inside air conditioning when it is hot & humid, so do our pets! If you need to walk your dog during such times, it is better that you try doing it early in the morning or in the evening hours when it is cooler. Have a heart; our pets like us also want to be in cool air like we do!

heat and humidity can harm your pets - petpals

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