Do-It-Yourself Ear Care for Dogs & Cats

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When you find your pet frequently shaking or scratching the ear, it could be a sign of excessive wax or some type of ear infection. Your pet’s ears are a twisty & curvy maze which holds debris, yeast, parasites & bacteria which conveniently get trapped in hair & wax so as to cause discomfort & even hearing loss in some cases if it is left untreated. Nevertheless, if it is regularly monitored, you can help your pet maintain ear health by following these simple steps.

Do it yourself ear care for dogs & cats

DIY Canine Ear Care

Just follow these simple steps to take care of your dog’s ears.

  • Regularly check your dog’s ears for itching, redness, excessive wax & hair mats.
  • Use a cotton ball or soft tissue to clean the outer folds of ears. Be gentle & ensure that you do not penetrate the ear canal.
  • Utilize specially formulated ear cleaners to remove debris & for dissolving wax build-up. You can get this at vet clinics.
  • During a bath place cotton balls within your dog’s ears or you can also use the ear cleaner for evaporating water following a bath.
  • Although water play is a great activity for your dog, you should be diligent & clean them after a swim. This is especially necessary when they venture into a lake or pond water.
  • Regular tweezing is required for breeds of dogs in order to remove ear hair. Consult the vet in order to determine whether your dog requires this service. Take help of a pet groomer if you find it difficult to do this.

Veterinarians during examinations also check your dog’s ears. But make it a point to see a vet immediately if you notice crusty skin, swelling, redness, bad smell or discharge from your pet’s ears. Beware that black or brown ear wax or dark wax resembling coffee grounds are indicators of microscopic ear mites. In such situations get your pet to the vet because only he can tell for sure. Moreover, pets with allergies & floppy ears are more prone to ear infections & therefore require maximum diligence.

DIY Feline Ear Care

Cats also require regular monitoring of their ears. Hearing is one of their natural defenses against dogs sneaking up upon them. Choose a room which is away from distractions & other pets while examining cat’s ears. They have a strong sense of hearing & may get disturbed.

The outer ear of your cat should be cool to touch. Your cat should be free from scratches & punctures and not having any bald spots. The interior of the cat should be clear from debris & wax. You could lovingly & gently fold back the ear in order to take a peek into the ear canal. There should be no wax, no debris or odor there. In case you notice any wax, excessive debris, discharge or odor, schedule an appointment with the vet at the earliest. Through swabs, the vet will be able to determine how best to treat your cat’s ears.

However, it is quite simple to maintain & clean your cat’s ears. Moisten a piece of cotton square or a cotton ball with ear cleaner. Then gently lift wax & debris from the outer ear. Make sure that you do not penetrate the inner canal.

DIY tips ear care for dogs and cats

Make it a Point to Visit the Vet When You Notice the Following

  • Persistent pawing or scratching of ears or surrounding areas
  • Sensitive when touched around ears
  • Shaking the head frequently
  • Tilting of head
  • Disorientation & Loss of Balance
  • Swelling or redness of ear canal or outer ear
  • Yellowish or black discharge
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Accumulated dark brown wax
  • Bleeding from ear
  • Hearing loss

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