Essential to Keep an Eye on These Household Hazards for Cats

If you are a cat owner, it would be ideal that you view everything in the house from the perspective of a cat. Especially, about the stuff which could possibly harm your cats. However, cats do not run into trouble as dogs do. But then there are plenty of items in the house that can harm when it comes to household hazards for cats.

Essential to Keep an Eye on These Household Hazards for Cats

List of Household Hazards for Cats:

  • Cosmetics – Some cats are fond of licking the owners hand or arm. They are unaware if you have put on any body lotion. It would therefore be sensible to use ‘natural’ skin care products. Well, even if you did use ‘natural’ products, make sure that this is not harmful to them & that they do not do it for long. In case you are using cosmetics containing harmful chemicals, you should not be allowing cats to lick your skin.
  • Salt Lamps – Not all cats do this, but some are drawn to licking salt lamps. Get rid of the salt lamp in case you find them doing so quite often. It is a medical emergency if your cat suffers from salt poisoning. You will then have to take them to a vet & give immediate treatment.
  • Electrical Cords – Cats have an impulse to chew on electrical cords. They run the risk of being electrocuted in case they chew through the outer layer. It would therefore be sensible to use cord covers in case you are having cats & would like to keep them safe.
  • Dental Floss – We all know cats love to play with thread, dental floss & string. Quite often they swallow these thin & long playthings. However, most often swallowing of floss or thread will not cause any problems.
  • Hair Ties & Rubber Bands – Both these items are certainly dangerous since cats think these are perfect toys. However, these can cause life-threatening blockages of intestine when swallowed & may require emergency surgery for treatment.
  • Cleaning Products – Cats are just not safe around most commercial cleaning products. Chemical ingredients within these products are highly toxic & deadly in many cases. Since cats groom themselves by licking, they are especially susceptible. As a result, it is possible that cats may ingest anything that comes in contact with their fur or feet. It is therefore better to use natural products. Vinegar & baking soda also clean just about any mess within the household.
  • Medicines – There are many medications which we take that are toxic to cats. Creams & topical ointments are of special concern. Some of these can be deadly even if it is ingested in small amounts.
  • Toxic Plants – Cats are also fond of chewing on plants. Therefore if you were keeping living plants in the house, just make sure because some plants can be poisonous for cats. Effects of toxic plants range from causing mild gastrointestinal upsets to severe neurological damage & even death in some cases.
  • Potpourri – Using a lot of artificial scented products around the house is a bad idea since cats are very sensitive about scent. Especially liquid potpourri, this is very dangerous. These heated oils can cause burns & serious skin irritations. Moreover, these can cause burns inside mouth, esophagus & stomach in case they are ingested.
  • Certain Food Items – Cats aren’t naturally drawn to a variety of foods. But then some cats rather have unique food preferences. Foods which are toxic for cats include grapes, avocado, apple seeds, cherries, apricots, unripe tomatoes, raw potatoes & certain nuts. Though many of these items may not be life-threatening, they can cause abdominal pain, vomiting & diarrhea. Garlic & onions can damage red blood cells in cats so as to cause hemolytic anemia. Beware of feeding baby food to cats as some brands contain onion flakes or powder.

Household Hazards for Cats

Cats are playful personalities. They are affectionate & have adorable faces. They make for ideal pets. Nevertheless, despite popular opinion they are not maintenance-free. Remember, you will have to keep a cat healthy & happy as a pet. This means you will need to know how to take care of the cat & provide the best possible life to your “Purrfect” companion.

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