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Pet grooming as such is far more than just making our dogs or cats look pretty. Pet grooming is for a good reason. Following a session, groomers can alert pet parents if the pet is having any health issues like skin problems, bumps, tumors, joint & muscle pain & any behavioral issues.

Trained groomers can also provide basic training & information regarding pet care to pet parents. Pet groomers also get to see your pet often & can notice subtle changes immediately. They are also able to create a trusting & loving relationship with your pet. Most often groomers are able to find behavior or health issues which owners & vets may miss out. A kind & caring groomer is what your pet needs.

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Grooming Tips for Cats

Normally, cats constantly groom themselves. However, they may require our assistance sometimes. Moreover, it is a good idea to get them used to basic grooming & handling. This will help them go through the procedure with ease. Once your cat’s coat is matted, it is best to take them to a professional groomer who has experience of handling cats. Feline body language is quite different & there may be trouble if the kitty is scared. It is sometimes dangerous while working with cats.

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  • Cats that are overweight, old or ill or having lot of hair can have trouble grooming on their own. Therefore do some research & educate yourself about them. Know which breed you can manage & will best mingle with the family atmosphere.
  • You must expose claws by gently pressing toes between fingers in order to trim cat nails. Normally cats shed claws by scratching. However, claws tend to thicken & become flaky when they are clipped.
  • Cat ears are home for mites sometimes which thrive there. Take a cotton ball with little bit of oil to clean ears. Petroleum jelly can also be used for small ticks & other bugs. If there is foul smell & the cat is scratching ears or shaking head, take them to the vet.
  • Groom the coat with a brush & comb. Check for tangles or mats & comb from nose to tail at least once a week. Talk to the kitty to reassure them that you do not mean to hurt them. Over time they will learn to understand what is coming.
  • Sometimes bathing a cat may be necessary. This is generally true for older cats. Oily & greasy fur will only cause mats & make the pet uncomfortable. But cats don’t like water & bathing can be a challenge. Scruff the cat by the neck a bit & which will calm them down during bathing.

Grooming your pet will build a trusting relationship. Take the help of a professional groomer if you will, but find one you can trust. And stick with the one you pick, for kitty’s sake!

Grooming Tips for Dogs

Dogs are perfect friends until the moment pills come out of the medical cabinet or the bath faucet turns on. Here are some of the tried & tested solutions to ease your stress of the things dogs loathe.

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  • It is quite hard to expect dogs to willingly take pills when it is sometimes a hassle for us humans as well. However, we are fortunate that appeal of a tasty treat can outweigh perceived impediment of swallowing medications. Try hiding the pill in a yummy treat or foods like peanut butter. Chances are your doggie will be distracted by the aroma of the cover & swallow the pill.
  • Instead of a struggle, bathing your dog can also be enjoyable. Try coaxing them into the tub with treats & praise. Do not chase to pull them into the bathroom. Avoid negative associations. Using warm water & talking to them in a calm voice is more helpful. Gently brush fur after bath & reward them with high-value treats. Following these tips during bath-time will generate a sweet bonding activity between you & your doggie.
  • Clipping nails of your doggie can also create a drama. It would be best to start handling the dog’s paws when they are still young. They will get accustomed to having their feet touched. However, even elder dogs can get trained. Reward them with treats while you bring out the clippers. Repeat this before you actually get to cutting nails. Start clipping only when the dog is comfortable. It is good to trim just one or two nails per session. Slow & steady always wins the race.
  • Wearing shoes & clothing while going out for walks may be ideal for dogs living in the city. It will save them from pollutants & toxic chemicals which are used for melting ice on sidewalks. Thin coat senior dogs can also benefit from wearing a sweater so as to retain their body heat. It is ideal to start these activities during the puppy years when it would be much easier. Start with simple activity & make it fun to do so.

Don’t give up on pet grooming, have patience. Make sure to try these tips if you have the time. It will generate a bonding between you two. Pets are like your kids who will never grow up. They will give you unconditional love throughout their lifetime. But if you are short of time need help, PetPals is always there. We guide you to the best pet grooming services at affordable costs. Your journey with the pet is a pleasant one with us!

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