Petportation – Exploring a Pet Friendly Transportation System

There are several things to consider when you plan to transport your pet to another location. This is especially true when you are not traveling with them or when the destination requires that the pet arrive as cargo. There are so many aspects to consider beginning with the regulations of the destination country. What type of equipment would you need for your pet? The type of veterinary procedures to be followed is also necessary. Then you need to think about the best airline or other means of transportation.

Petportation - Pet Friendly Transportation System

Moving Your Pet on Ground

You will need assistance for moving your pet on ground. You will have to find a transporter who is well versed with techniques involved in handling pets. An appropriate vehicle will be required to keep the pet comfortable & properly hydrated during the journey. A good pet crate is also welcome to keep the pet safe.

Good Pet Transporters Can Alleviate Pressure

Definitely, a good pet transporter can alleviate a lot of pressure that pet parents have while traveling. Professional pet transporters can facilitate the process with their expertise & knowledge about flights, flight regulations, requirements of flight containers, quarantine, boarding, pickup & delivery arrangements, veterinary requirements, import & export arrangements alongside proper identification. Professional transporters stay abreast of changes in regulations & also effectively make the required adjustments to the travel arrangements of your pet. Professional pet transporters can handle all arrangements so as to ensure personal care & handling of your family pet right from the time they are picked up from your home to the time they are delivered at your new home. These are transporters who love pets & the safety & welfare of your pet is their first priority.

Talk about Pet Transportation in India

Frankly speaking, Indian transport system for pets is unfriendly. We don’t consider pets as creatures like us humans. Our jobs, businesses and other life situations, make us migrate to different parts of the country. With the lower to negative levels of friendliness towards pets, moving our pets to our new home is often a struggle. Pet transportation in India by train or by bus is also not so convenient.

Many are therefore, forced to put up the pet for Adoption but just imagine what the pet has to go through while adjusting with the new pet parent? Moreover, how sure can we be that the new pet parent would take good care of your beloved pet? It means sacrifice when you don’t have a choice.

The flip side to Adoption is that it is a long drawn process and many pet parents who do not have the luxury of time don’t want to go the whole nine yards to complete the adoption process. Quite often this results in abandoning the pet. An abandoned pet unless rescued by a Pet Rescuer and handled carefully, usually suffers a gruelling end. This is painful for both the pet as well as the pet parent.

Pet Friendly Cabs for Local Petportation

Many pet parents cannot even afford a car for domestic pet transport. Although more than half of Indians own a car today, yet traveling long distances may either not be feasible or affordable. Pet friendly cabs which are nowadays available in many cities provide a silver lining. Pet transportation within the city these days is not much of a problem. However when it comes to moving to another city is where it is problematic.

My Story

I don’t own a car & my salary is less. Still, I have to relocate on demand. I am wondering how to relocate my pet. Wish pet transport service in India was more sensible instead of being against animal protection & welfare. Blue Cross societies should consider this aspect & come up with some solutions. After all, several nations across the world allow pets with leashes in public transport along with their companions. Pet transport in India is such a problem. Why would India lag behind! Wish I had a solution! My beloved pet is a part of my family. It is so hard on me to leave him behind!

PetPals to My Rescue

Thank god, I found PetPals. They came to my rescue. I am thankful to them for  helping me find affordable pet transport services. Now that my pet is back with me, I look at the past events & realize that PetPals cared for my pet like I do! And it is not just me, my pet also thinks so! Thank you PetPals for bringing me back my best friend!

Project Petportation: A New Idea being incubated at PetPals

PetPals is an innovative organization committed to solving the problems related to pets. The solution to the above is a project called “Petportation”. PetPals has already approached International Radiocab services like Uber and Ola and has proposed that they start Pet Friendly cab services. In the future, PetPals will allow its users to directly book Pet Friendly cabs from its app using its location sensitive search features. PetPals will also be creating Pet Crate infrastructure that can be monitored through its app which will make on ground Petportation safe, easy, convenient and affordable to pet parents. Pet couriers will be able to use the Pet Crate facilities to perform Petportation within a given city and between cities too. PetPals envisions a pet friendly future for the known living universe.

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