Professional Home Made Pet Food is the Emerging Trend

More and more people are realizing that there is a lot to be done towards fulfilling pet parents’ requirements apart from pet humanization. Pet parents, nowadays prefer to give the same attention to nutrition in the food they offer to their furry friends, as they do for themselves. . As a result  there is a rise of natural pet treats & natural pet foods which are made with locally sourced human-grade  ingredients. Additionally, pet treats in the market are full of cannabinoid oil, antioxidants & probiotics. In fact, pets are eating as healthy as their pet parents.

 professional home made pet food

Can we Make Puppy Food at Home?

Several people having dogs have gone a step further by making dog food at home & thinking that this is healthier. However, studies conducted have shown that very few home made food recipes over the internet contain essential nutrients required by dogs according to the established canine health standards. Moreover, making an extra meal for the dog every night can be a tedious & overwhelming affair.

Addressing the Desire of Home made Pet Food

Taking a page from meal delivery services & the need for nutrient rich natural pet food, many companies have now started delivering customized home made meal plans for dogs. Many of them in fact are working closely with veterinarians in order to provide nutrients in meals which dogs need to thrive. Pet parents are looking for healthier meals for dogs for optimal nutrition. These are now currently produced in professional cooking facilities keeping the canines’ requirements in mind. Depending upon the size, weight, age & breed of your dog, customized pre-portioned meals are delivered on a weekly to monthly basis at your doorstep.

Professional Home Made Pet Foods

You will just have to fill out a short questionnaire about the breed, gender, weight, activity level, allergies & overall look of your dog. Online subscription services are also available these days. Some companies recommend any number of the recipes they have which will best suit your pet alongside a meal plan which is based on what you have in mind for your dog.

Benefits of Professional Home Made Pet Foods

It is difficult to argue against merits of professional home made pet foods. These companies by shipping directly to pet parents are able to keep costs down & are only looking forward to fill the gap within the healthy pet food industry. Moreover, allowing superior ingredients at affordable prices & making it extremely convenient for pet parents is fast gaining popularity.

The professional home made pet food manufacturers are making products which they wish existed for their own dogs. What more would a pet parent want than a personalized meal plan which is pre-portioned as a ready-to-serve meal for the pet is delivered at home? Direct to customer dog food market is definitely here to stay. With made-to-order plans designed by veterinarians these direct-to-customer pet meal companies will continue to thrive. Pet stores around the world now will have to find new ways to compete with these emerging trends.

home made pet foods

PetPals for Professional Home Made Pet Foods

All you need to do is download the PetPals app to look for the best home made pet food near you and viola,  with a tap you can access a list of curated professional home made pet food suppliers in the city. In fact, PetPals will fulfill all that your pet needs throughout your journey with the pet. After all we know how much you care for the pet & would like to see your furry friend healthy & happy.

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