A simple Guide for Your Pet’s Healthcare

Doesn’t matter whether you have a cat or a dog, what holds true is that a happy & the healthy pet is one who is being cared for with love. Understanding how to address health care needs of your pet is essential to qualify as a good pet owner. It would be better if you knew when to get your pet vaccinated or how often you should be bathing them. Of course, veterinarians are there to help but as a responsible pet parent, you should also know what is important.

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Top 7 Tips for Pets Healthcare

1. Type of Food which is Healthy for Your Pet

Major brands of pet food is good for your pet. However, dry or wet will depend upon you and preference of the pet. It is initially sensible to feed kitten or puppy food for one year before switching onto adult food. Just make sure that the pet food company is meeting the recommended nutritional standards.

2. Quantity of Food which is Best for the Pet

While each pet is different, so is pet food. However, use the food bag and the pet’s appetite as a guide. Amount of food which is best for the pet will depend upon the metabolism and lifestyle of the pet. An active pet will require more food in comparison to another identical inactive pet. It is ideal to feed 3 times a day for the first four months and reduce it to twice thereafter.

3. Type of Vaccinations Required by the Pet

Vaccinations for healthy pets generally start when they are 6 weeks of age. Subsequently, they are given vaccinations every 3 weeks until the pet is four months old. Puppies are normally given DALPP vaccine which protects them against hepatitis and many other contagious diseases. Kittens are generally given FVRCP vaccine which protects them from several potential contagious diseases. A rabies vaccine is given to both puppies and kittens when they are 4 months old. It would be best to ask the vet about specific shots for your pet.

4. Letting the Puppy Go Outside

The first 4 months are critical for any pet. It would, therefore, be safe to wait until the time your puppy has finished with the series of vaccinations. This is the right time to let the pet go outside when they will be well protected against acquiring contagious diseases.

5. Brushing Pet’s Teeth

Poor dental hygiene in pets can cause gum diseases. As a result, dogs and cats will be more prone to heart and kidney diseases. Professional dental cleaning under the influence of anesthesia is also nowadays available which will effectively remove plaque and tartar. Regular brushing will keep away formation of tartar in the first place. Twice or thrice a week is a good goal. However, special diets and dental chews are available for pets who do not tolerate brushing.

6. About Flea, Ticks, and Heartworm

All year-round triple protection is recommended against fleas, ticks, and heartworm. However, your lifestyle and living environment will largely determine the individual medication plan for your pet.

7. Bathing Pets

Dogs without any skin condition would need just about one bath every month. In fact, it would cause them dry skin if they were bathed more than once a week. However, make it a point to clean ears more often in order to prevent infection. It is recommended that you do this once or twice a week depending upon the amount of wax or dirt you find.

Can Pets Make You Sick

Not really, like say you are having a cold or if the pet is having a cold, you will not be able to transfer it to each other. However, skin diseases and intestinal parasites can be transferred to people.

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There are little chances that you would require the services of a veterinarian by following the above guidelines, apart from vaccinations which are essential to your pet’s health. But then, a periodical check-up for your pet is not a bad idea after all. While prevention is better than cure, there may also be some emergency situations when you may have to rush to a pet clinic. PetPals helps you to locate a Vet Clinic quickly and easily. PetPals can quickly point out the nearest vet clinic based upon your current location. Download the PetPals App to explore our full-spectrum of services available for your pet.

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