5 Things To Look-Out for When You Are Boarding Your Pet

Your planning was perfect for a well-deserved vacation until you realized that your doggie may not be able to join you on the trip. So what do you do with your furry family while you are away is a prime concern. Pet boarding service in your town can come to the rescue and give you that peace of mind. You can now enjoy your holiday without any worry knowing that your dog is safe and comfortable and having a mini-vacation with his friends. However, finding the right type of pet boarding service is important so that your pet is comfortably cared for in your absence. Here are a few things you should be looking for while choosing a pet boarding service.

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Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Boarding Your Pet

1. Check Out Reputation of the Pet Boarding Service

You will have to talk to a few different types of pet boarding service providers in order to make sure that you are choosing the right place for your pet. Also, check with friends and family if they have any recommendations and as to what kind of experience they had. It is also sensible to interview the pet boarding service to find out how long they have been doing this. Tour their facility and inquire if they have any references.

2. Talk to the Pet Boarding Service Staff

This should be your priority when you visit the pet boarding service facility. After all, these are the people you are going to trust while placing the life of your best pet in their hands. Check out if they are able to show the same kind of love for your pet like you do. Are they happily caring for pet boarders? In fact, if they did, they would inquire about the likes and dislikes of your pet and for what food and medicines they should be giving the pet in your absence. Asking for proof of immunization is also a good sign which says that the pet boarding facility follows rules to keep the pet safe.

3. Enquire About the Pet’s Schedule

You should be enquiring about feeding instructions, exercise and other activities that constitute the pet’s schedule. Find out if they allow pets in the facility to interact with each other. Do they allow you to bring your own Pet food and treats because switching food may sometimes cause stomach upset? Making the environment, as usual, will not be able to cause much stress to your pet. Since pet boarding facility is not merely meant for sleeping, play walks and exercise are also an integral part of the daily schedule. If they are having boot camps, you can sign up your pet for that to improve skills. Or if you prefer to sign up for pet grooming service so that your pet would be all shiny, fresh and beautiful when you return.

4. Visit Your Pet’s Bunk

You should always get to see where your pet would bunk in for sleep. They should be getting adequate space with any exit routes for escape. In case your pet is uncomfortable with other pet boarders, request them for an individual space. In case the place is smelly be sure it is unsanitary and not fit enough for your pet. A clean environment with regular housekeeping is a safe pet boarding facility.

5. Is There Any Provision of Emergency Care

Unexpected things can happen even in a well-run pet boarding facility. So make sure that staff is knowledgeable about first aid. The facility should also be having guidelines on what they should be doing in emergency situations. Good if they also have an on-site veterinarian with them so as to handle health scares. Receiving a call to say that something has happened to your pet is nerve-wracking. It is a wise choice to leave your pet in good and capable hands.

Other Boarding Requirements

Nevertheless, leave all your contact information with the pet boarding service facility in case of an emergency. It is sensible to plan for the unexpected. Don’t forget to leave special instruction with the facility staff like dietary restrictions, medications, pet’s vaccine history, and others. Keep them simple so that the pet boarding facility staff can easily follow.

Difference Between Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting Services

Pet boarding services are one option you have. But before you make up your mind just think over whether your pet would do better in a run next to other animals or during routine playtime. How will your pet feel at night without anyone around? Will your pet be fearful in a foreign environment? There is another option you have though, Pet Sitting. Pet sitting services are also available if you think your pet is better off at home. Pet sitting is, however, less stressful for all concerned. Basically, there are two types of pet sitting services. One is when the pet sitter will come to the house at specific times in order to feed, allow the pet to defecate and exercise. The other type involves the pet sitter to live at the house so that the pet will have constant companionship.

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