Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Pet Boarding Business

Pet boarding is an excellent business opportunity for people who love pets. You can even grow your pet boarding business from a home-based hobby into a sizable enterprise. It would be wonderful for you to make a living doing something from what you love doing. One common mistake which new pet boarding service providers make is that they do not always see the business as a profit-making operation. This is a crucial mistake which can prove costly. You need to be smart about money, staffing, expenses, insurance & others. Here are five tips which will help you manage your road to success.

5 Tips to Grow Your Pet Boarding Business


5 Tips to Grow Your Pet Boarding Business

1.Keep Track of Time & Generate Income –

If you are thinking how to have a successful pet boarding business, the first tip is ‘Time is Money’. This is especially true when you are a small pet boarding business owner. Every moment you spend should contribute to the bottom line. Income generation activities include improving efficiency, marketing your dog boarding business, reinvesting in the pet boarding facility & engaging with your list of existing pet parents for regular income. Additionally, add activities like pet grooming services or selling complementary products like treats, toys & other supplies. For quick scale, you can outsource these activities to other vendors. Keep track of everything with time-clock software. When you review there is a chance that you would improve effectiveness & efficiency.

2.Delegate Wisely –

How much does a dog boarding business make if you are a one-man show? Your pet boarding business must constantly grow. For this reason you will have to depend upon & take help from others. You may surely need to hire staff members for certain, but delegate wisely. Why not think of it as you were outsourcing within your own facility? Do what you do best & outsource the rest to somebody who is good at their job. Handle enquiries if you really know how to close the deal, otherwise leave it to the receptionist sales team. Just in case a staff member is having the ‘Midas Touch’ for grooming, why not give them a chance!

3.Margins and Surplus Must Keep Growing –

Breaking even is not the goal. How to have a successful pet boarding business largely depends upon you. Generating surplus is a must for scaling up a sustainable business over time. These margins are also required to cushion you in the event of a disaster like leaking roofs or plumbing problems or some damage caused by the pet, accidentally. It will also give you the capital when you want to expand your business in future. This is why you should set monthly financial goals. This will also effectively force you to get better at what you are doing. Off course it sounds like more work but it is essential if you want to run a successful dog boarding facility.

4.Invest in Insurance –

It is recommended that budding pet boarding businesses make it a point to invest in insurance. Basic minimum insurance should cover every pet under your care. However, if you can afford, go for a better plan. Your liability can shoot higher if the pet suffers a broken limb. The thumb rule while going for an insurance cover is to purchase just a little more than what you think you may require. It is better to be covered & don’t need the insurance than need it & not be able to have it. This will allow you to gain more customers as you can assure them that you can better take care of their pet and in case needed attend to some basic medical expenses as well.

5.Marketing is a Constant Process –

Yes, this is serious if you want to grow your pet boarding business. So ramping up your marketing efforts should not stop even if you were on the top. Keep posting fliers on public bulletin boards. Get referrals from vets, cultivate customer referrals, place ads in local publications & the best way these days is bring your pet boarding business online. There are many networks & pet communities on the internet where you can register & generate leads without having to do much. Start thinking like pet parents & what they need from you.

Get to Know Pet Parents

Pet parents are finicky. They are worried about the happiness & health of their pets. It is high on their list of priorities & your boarding facility is just an extension of their home. What will set you above competition is how passionately you care about pets. You will have to let pet parents know that their loved pet is as dear to you as they are to them. This type of dedication must show in everything you do, from marketing to the pet boarding facility  you run & more so during face-to-face interactions with pet parents.

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