Why Regular Grooming is Important for Your Pet

Regular grooming for your pet is not only about maintaining level of cleanliness or about keeping the pet good-looking, it is also about maintaining proper physical health & well-being. For this reason you should begin training your pet early so that they learn to endure grooming sessions. If you delay this the pet may not be agreeable to undergo this when they are grown up, especially when it comes to nail clipping & ear cleaning. Pet grooming is also an important part of being a pet parent.

regular grooming for your pet

Regular Grooming is Important for Your Pet

Why Should You Groom the Pet?

Pet grooming largely refers to dog grooming. Although cat grooming is also popular there are fewer groomers who provide these services when compared to dog grooming. As a pet parent you should not overlook but understand the importance of grooming your dog. Whether you are parent to a feline with medium length coat or to a Poodle with long wooly locks, it is essential to maintain their skin & coat even in the winter season. Removing dead hair from the coat should also be done routinely throughout the year. Otherwise the dog will lick the coat so as to remove dead hair. As a result fur balls  form in the stomach & the pet’s coat may matt up as well. Most pets love being groomed. Moreover, this is one of the most rewarding moments of friendship with the pet.

Right Time to Start Grooming Your Pet

Start early when the pet is still a puppy or a kitten. Pick times when they are tired & less energetic. Since puppies have short attention spans, limit grooming sessions to just five minutes initially, until they get used to it. Talking in a reassuring manner while grooming  the pet helps. Check teeth, ears, nails & paws. Pets become comfortable with grooming over time & once accustomed, enjoy being handled & inspected.

Tips on Pet Grooming

  • The coat on your pet will require combination of activities like combing, brushing, clipping & bathing depending upon the type of breed of your cat or dog.
  • Always comb & brush in the direction of hair growth until they are tangle-free. There are numerous types of combs & brushes that are available in the market for different types of coats & degree of matting.
  • Bathing can be done in a tub or in the bathroom. There are different types of dog shampoos available, but choose the one which is most suitable for your pet’s coat & skin type.
  • Clipping can involve removing excessive coat all over the pet’s body or just removal of tangles & mats from problem areas. However, it may not always be easy & some pets are so difficult that they require sedation under supervision.
  • Most often, pet grooming is best left to an experienced pet groomer who understands pet behavior & is equipped with proper tools so as to minimize the risk of cutting skin in difficult to get places.
  • Observe skin health during combing, brushing, climbing & bathing. Learn what is normal for your dog & look out for changes in skin redness, scales & lumps which should be brought to the notice of local vet when found.
  • Checking teeth, gums & mouth is also imperative. Abnormalities if any should be investigated & discussed with the vet.

Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

Pet grooming provides a good opportunity for you to check the dog for skin problems like ticks, fleas, dry patches & issues with teeth, ears, eyes & nails. Even infections or inflammation can be detected during grooming. When these problems are found at an early stage they can be treated right away before it can become a serious issue. Simply put, pet grooming will help your dog live a happy & healthy life.

grooming your pet

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